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Assured Buy Back

BikersHighway Assured Buy-Back Shield

80% buy back

Assured 80% buy back within 6 Months of Purchase

70% buy back

Assured 70% buy back within 12 Months of Purchase

65% buy back

Assured 65% buy back within 18 Months of Purchase

60% buy back

Assured 60% buy back within 24 Months of Purchase

Buy back Terms & Conditions apply

Two-wheeler buy back and exchange terms and conditions:

1) The vehicle should be maintained properly with suggested servicing performed at regular intervals i.e. on every 2000 kms one servicing performed with engine oil change (keep service records like bills etc).

2) The vehicle should not have met any accidents since purchased from Bikers Highway.

3) Valid Bill of Bikers Highway will be required for vehicles.

4) All accessories must be available as it was at the time of purchase from Bikers Highway.

5) Vehicle should be in “Good Condition” normal signs of usage are acceptable but heavy dents and scratches will warrant a different value.

6) Assurance is subject to Physical inspection of the two-wheeler.

7) It is the customers’ responsibility to pay the dues and penalties incurred during their possession of the vehicle.

8) The customer will need to provide all original documents such as certificate of registration (RC or Smart Card), Valid Insurance, PUC, Bills etc of the vehicle at time of handing over to Bikers Highway.

9) In Assured Buyback only vehicle price mentioned on our bill will be considered and not the warranty fee, servicing fee, service charge, insurance, RC transfer charges etc.

Note: It is whole & sole decision of Bikers Highway to take a final call on buy back & exchange benefits given to its existing customers.

Frequently Asked Questions – Bikers Highway Assured Buyback

How do I register for the program?

Once you have purchased the Two-Wheeler from Bikers Highway, The Assured Buyback Guarantee is
applied on your vehicle by default.

I bought a two-wheeler from Bikers Highway 4 months ago. Am I eligible for the program?

Yes, all two-wheelers bought from Bikers Highway is eligible for the program.

I have a two-wheeler bought from someone else. Am I eligible for this program?

No, this program is only applicable for vehicles bought from Bikers Highway.

I bought my two-wheeler from another dealer. Am I eligible for the program?

No. The program is only applicable for two-wheeler bought from Bikers Highway. You may contact our
Procurement Department to buy your two-wheeler at their discretion. You may contact them on +91
9011972346 or send a mail to sell@bikershighway.in with your contact and two-wheeler details.

How will I return my two-wheeler?

Call on +91 9011972346 to initiate the buy-back guarantee or mail us on support@bikershighway.in .
Post which you will receive a call to schedule a pickup.

How will I receive my buyback amount?

You will receive Cash or through online payment at time of pickup of the two-wheeler.

I lost the bills & insurance is expired of my two-wheeler but I have all the original documents. Will I be eligible for buyback?

Yes, but there will be deduction in the buyback amount.

Can I exchange under buyback assurance?

Yes, the buyback amount you can use to buy another vehicle from Bikers Highway with little more
benefits. Call on +91 9011972346 or mail to support@bikershighway.in to check your benefits under